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India is the third largest producer and eighth largest exporter of tobacco and tobacco products in the world. India’s share in the production of tobacco has inched upto 9% in tobacco global industry. Yarlagadda Exports Private Limited is one of the Leading supplier and exporter of Tobacco from India. Tobacco has been used as an intoxicant and as a cure for all kinds of ills. This is also used for doing homage to deities and invoking the great spirit. Now it is cultivated in all parts of the country and considered as most valued and economic crop. Tabaccum varieties are used for cigarette, cigar, bidi, hookah, chewing and snuff. In India, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are major tobacco growing states and Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bangal, Bihar, U.P. and Punjab are nominal tobacco producing states.

Soil Types & Crop Season of India
Northern Black Soils (NBS): The black soils located in the districts of Karimnagar, Khammam, East and West Godavari constitutes the Northern Black soils.

Central Black Soils (CBS): The black soils existing in Krishna and Guntur of Andhra Pradesh constitute the central black soils. The crop is planted in Oct-Nov and harvested in Dec-Feb.

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